Meet Our Remarkable Students and Staff

Meet Tiger and Chintana
Great Start Preschooler Tiger Vongsoury is a remarkable example of what a child can accomplish through the Robbinsdale Area Schools’ Early Childhood Family Education, Family Literacy and Great Start Preschool programs.
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Meet Candace
Candace Lewis, one of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ remarkable students, knows a thing or two about spelling. The Northport Elementary School fourth-grader won the Robbinsdale Area Schools District Spelling Bee in her grade category for the second year in a row.
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Meet Helen
Helen Quan, one of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ remarkable students, has found a world of learning and friendship in the district’s Adult Academic Program.
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Meet David
Some people might see lightning strike damage as a challenge, but when a bolt knocked out a weather station at Sandburg Middle School, science teacher David Reynolds saw an opportunity. Reynolds, one of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ remarkable staff members, raised donations for a replacement weather station, and embraced the potential of the Internet to share this very local weather data with others.
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Meet Michael
Michael White, one of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ remarkable students, will represent Robbinsdale Cooper High School and the Robbinsdale Area Schools when he travels to compete in Lincoln-Douglas debate during the 2016 National Speech & Debate Tournament June 12-17 in Salt Lake City.
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Meet Niilante
Niilante France, one of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ remarkable students, enjoys the work-based opportunities at the Robbinsdale Transition Center. “I have friends here,” Niilante said. “We do fun things.”
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Meet Èowyn
If you’ve purchased a mug from Dunn Brother’s Coffee in the last few years, you may have some of Èowyn Quaintance’s artwork in your home or office already.
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