Meet Stacy

Meet Stacy
Posted on 01/25/2016
Sonnesyn Elementary School third-grader Stacy Moraa, one of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ remarkable students, takes an interest in ensuring that other students succeed in the classroom. 

The Student Council member worked with one of her classmates every day last year to help him with his reading skills.

“Sometimes, he was being silly,” Stacy said. “We had a reading timer, and he was always playing with it while we were working.”

Stacy spent 10 minutes after recess every day with this student, working with him during quiet reading time. The pair worked together for months.

 “Stacy would check in with me and she would be super responsible,” said Ann St. Clair, a teacher at Sonnesyn. “She grew as a teacher and leader, and he grew with his reading skills. It was a beautiful partnership to see.”

“She’s the kind of kid you want in every classroom,” said Sonnesyn Principal Leia Ward. “She’s not only intelligent, but she loves giving back.”

Stacy is Robbinsdale. At Robbinsdale Area Schools, we value the differences that make all of our students unique. We approach our work with individual focus on each and every student’s infinite potential. 

At Robbinsdale Area Schools, we invite all students to make their mark. Just like Stacy. We are Robbinsdale Remarkable. #RASRemarkable