Meet Ani

Meet Ani
Posted on 10/13/2015
Blue ribbon science winner, Ani Tonoyan is one of Robbinsdale’s remarkable students. A seventh-grader at Plymouth Middle School, Ani took first place in the 77th annual Twin Cities Regional Science Fair for her project: "Turn that Noise Down: Finding the Best Sound Insulation." Her winning solution? Bubble wrap. She also received the "3M Award for Excellence" and the Women in Science award for "The Youngest Best Writer."

Ani says she’s just naturally curious and likes applying her curiosity to solve problems especially in math and science. In addition to her problem solving skills, this remarkable Robbinsdale student also excels at playing both the violin and the piano. 

Ani is Robbinsdale. At Robbinsdale we value the differences that make all of our students unique. We approach our work with individual focus on each and every student’s infinite potential. 

At Robbinsdale we invite all students to make their mark. Just like Ani. We are Robbinsdale Remarkable. #RASRemarkable