IB Theory of Knowledge

The full-year ToK course is taught by Eric Zuccola in the English Department. ToK is required of all senior Diploma Candidates; open to other IB students in good standing. 

No matter what IB subjects an individual school will choose to teach, they will ALL offer Theory of Knowledge.

This is an epistomology class which examines the value, testability, and constructs of knowledge, and which questions the reliability of what is called "truth".  It introduces students to the notion that other people who arrive at other truths should be listened to with understanding, as the final line of the IB Mission Statement professes, "other people, with their differences, can also be right."  One of TOK's goals is to tie together the coursework in all their other IB classes, and to have students consider why a mathematician, a literary critic, a scientist, an artist, an historian, and a speaker of another language may all have unique ways to determine what is truth and what knowledge is worth knowing.

ToK assessment requirements are a 1500-word paper on the student's selected topic.  There is also a presentation based on a current issue, in which students prepare reasoned arguments for or against a particular stance. These are given in March and April.

There is no IB exam for Theory of Knowledge.  If you have questions about the course, contact Eric Zuccola at eric_zuccola@rdale.org.