How does IB help in college?

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Rachel Brady, former International Baccaulaureate student:
 I feel like the IB program really prepared me for [post high school] opportunities, not only in terms of giving my a strong academic and international foundation for my higher education, but also by cultivating in me a spirit of learning that really wants and works for hard to come by international learning opportunities...As I get further into my time at Concordia, a school that mirrors IB in its focus on learning on an international scale, I realize more and more how special my 7 years in IB were.  My IB background continues to be a part of my education that puts me ahead in many of my classes, and gives me an edge.

Former IB student now attending North Dakota State University: IB has taught me to be more successful in college because the work load is the same if not less than in high school.  I am very grateful for IB and the values the program has instilled in me, and I will take those values with me my entire life.  IB has made me who I am today and has showed me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Matthew Reichert, former International Baccaulaureate student: Classes have been both exciting and difficult, but I always look back IB classes with pride and appreciation.  I really have come to appreciated how well the IB program had prepared me for college.  Many of my friends have told me about taking honors or AP classes in high school, and the horror stories they've had either in the way the school recognized the class, or their "to the test" teaching methods that did not really help once they got to college.  I then always tell them how great the IB program was for me, and how prepared I felt for anything Rose-Hulman could throw at me (which, believe me, was a lot!).

Molly Gates, former International Baccalaureate student: "I'm going to Minneapolis College of Art and Design. When I started, I thought, 'The stuff I learned in IB can't possibly apply here!' How wrong I was...The day [came] when I had to write a short two paragraph research "paper...[when] I sent it to the 3D professor with a plea for improvement suggestions, she said, "This is A+ work! You don't need to do so much next time!" My jaw hit the floor. There it remains, each time I am assigned a paper with a maximum word count, or when professors emphasize the importance of good grammar. You know, things that should be expected from an essay.  I guess my point is that no matter where you go, you will use your IB skills, and you will look like a true genius. You will be surprised at how easy (a lot of) college work is, compared to what you are doing right now. Mind you, I still have to work as hard as I did in high school, but there is more payoff."