IB Exam Information

IB Exams are the culminating event of the IB year

Given over three weeks in May, IB exams are comprised of two to three different "papers" (the British word for "exam").  Exams typically begin on an afternoon and finish the next morning, with a few exceptions. All exams are given at House of Hope Church, 4800 Boone Avenue North, unless otherwise noted.  Students should report to the exam site by 7:20 for a morning exam and 12:20 for an afternoon one.

Students register for exams in October following an in-class presentation on what options they have and what is involved. Our Registering for Exams page also has more information. The cost is $40/exam, with scholarship help available just by noting it on the registration form. 

Note:  A student who signs up for an exam but does not complete one or more components will not receive an IB score and consequently will be charged a $65 penalty fee, whether or not they were scholarshipped.  This is because a single exam costs approximately $250,  which is paid for by the State of  Minnesota and Robbinsdale Area Schools.  The fee is not refunded by IB if a student defaults.  Students must be fully committed to seeing the whole process through when they register.

There is much protocol surrounding the exams so that they are given uniformly around the world. These protocols, and other testing information, are sent to all exam-sitters by US Mail in April, posted in school and at the exam site.  The regulations may be accessed here. Students are given a place to sit, away from any of their belongings, and are expected to observe all protocols.  All IB exams except for Paper 1 in the sciences are given a 5-minute reading period, during which students cannot write anything, while they decide which prompts they will choose to follow.  Individual exams (papers) vary in length from 45 minutes to  2 1/2 hours.

When the IB scores are released online in July following the exams, the scores include the following components:  performance on each of the papers and work done in class (Internal Assessments) throughout the year.  Students may find out from the coordinator in the following fall how they did on each of the components.  Cooper students have done exceedingly well in ten years of testing.  Access the Exam Statistics here.

On a day just preceding the start of the IB exams, a breakfast is given for test-takers by parents.  It is called the Wish 'em Well Breakfast, and students are initiated into the ritual of receiving extra luck on exams, only offered to Robbinsdale Cooper IB exam-takers.