Guidelines for Eleventh and Twelfth Grades

Earning a Diploma will depend on:
  • Compiling a total of 24 points through exams, Extended Essay, and Theory of Knowledge class.(An additional list of qualifiers is available in the IB office.)
  • Completing requirements for IB courses in each of six academic groups; 3-4 courses must be at the 2-year Higher Level (HL); 2-3 must be at the one-year Standard Level (SL)
  • Documenting and reflecting upon 1 1/2 yearsof CAS (creativity, action, service) between the beginning of junior year and February of senior year;
  • Writing an independent research paper, known as the Extended Essay, of approximately 4000 words, by December of senior year;
  • Successfully completing Theory of Knowledge class (2 semesters).

Earning an IB Diploma-level certificate (different from an MYP Certificate) involves:

  • Taking only those IB subjects in 11th and 12th that you wish to take...could be 8, could be 1.
  • Fulfilling all the requirements in that class, which will include -- depending on the class -- lab reports, papers, oral examinations, portfolios, and 2-3 written exams.
  • Most of these components will be required anyway for the Cooper grade.
  • These are all the same things that those pursuing the Diploma will be doing subject by subject.
  • A single score 1-7 will be issued based on evaluation in all these areas once the written exams have taken place.
  • Scores for Standard Level (SL) courses and for Higher Level (HL) courses can be used for both college admissions and/or college credit. It depends on the college/university. Scores of 4 or higher are considered quite good because you are being measured against the best students around the world in very difficult coursework.

Check with the colleges and universities you are interested in to determine how they will regard your scores. If the first person you talk to doesn't know, ask to go higher. There is great turnover in college admissions offices, and the first person you come to may not be fully aware of what IB means.