ESC Entrance Update

Secure entrance points at Education Service Center

Safety and security in our buildings is extremely important. One element of the District Strategic Plan was to implement secure entrance points at buildings to control building access. The Education Service Center (ESC) upgraded to an intercom system for visitors to enter the building on April 27, 2015.

An intercom with both audio and video controls is at Door 1 for access to the lobby during business hours. Similarly, an intercom will also be installed at the loading dock for deliveries during business hours. The exterior doors will remain locked during most times of the day to prevent unauthorized building access. The intercom will allow us to recognize when people enter the building and ensure that visitors check in and receive a visitor badge. District employees will be given card access privileges to the Education Service Center at Door 1 for entry to conduct district business and attend meetings during normal business hours. Employees showing district IDs at the reception area do not need to obtain an additional visitor badge.

Here is an explanation of how the process works:

Visitors approaching the main door will press the intercom button to alert staff of their presence. Staff will be alerted with a doorbell chime and see a live video feed of you standing at the door. Staff and visitors will be able to talk and listen through the intercom. Staff will push a door control button to unlock the door momentarily for you to enter. Once inside, visitors will be asked for an ID at the reception area to assist with the check-in process and print a customized visitor badge with time stamp and visitor name.

Employees can enter as permitted by using the card reader, which will unlock the door without using the intercom. Please show your district ID to the receptionist as you enter. If you do not have your access card, you will follow the same procedures as other visitors to the building by using the intercom and checking in with an ID to receive a visitor badge.

Thank you for helping us stay safe.

If you have any questions about the new system or process, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Brian Koch
Safety and Emergency Management
Robbinsdale Area Schools