Gifted Services

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We believe that all Robbinsdale students have the potential to achieve greatness. We know many of our students have exceptional talent or motivation and need a wide variety of challenging and rewarding differentiated learning experiences to help them grow. We are committed to providing diverse students the educational opportunities that will inspire learning now and in the future.

Once identified, students attend classes provided through gifted services called Focus. These classes are provided in a resource classroom setting and are designed and tailored to expand our students' knowledge, challenge their perspective, develop critical and creative thinking skills, and perhaps most importantly provide a forum for them to find their own voice and connect with other students that think differently.  

Robbinsdale Area Schools is committed to talent development and advanced learner services that put the focus on what and how our students are learning, and maintaining learning environments where students with various capabilities, learning styles, and interests are represented.

Gifted Services Contacts

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