School Supply Lists

Supply Lists

FAIR School Crystal
FAIR School Pilgrim Lane
Forest Elementary School
Lakeview Elementary School
Meadow Lake Elementary School
Neill Elementary School
Noble School Elementary School
Northport Elementary School
Plymouth Middle School
Robbinsdale Middle School
RSI 1st Grade Supply List
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RSI 3rd Grade Supply List (Last Names A-J)
RSI 3rd Grade Supply List (Last Names K-Z)
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Armstrong High School
Armstrong does not send out a supply list for our high school students.  Depending on the classes the students are taking individual courses will have specific requirements. General supplies such as pens, notebooks, etc. would be expected but students will find out during the first week what specific (if any) supplies will be needed. The addition of Chromebooks for all students has also changed what materials  teachers are having students use in class and this is also evolving as the year moves forward.

Cooper High School:
- 1.5 inch 3 ring binder
- Loose-leaf paper
- Spiral notebooks
- Folders
- #2 pencils
- Pens
- Highlighters
- Colored pencils
- Index cards
- Headphones or earbuds 

Please note: This list does not include all supplies that your student may be asked to purchase for school. Additional supplies may be required by individual teachers that are specific to each course. Individual teachers will indicate additional supplies needed.