Transitioning from Elementary to Middle

Making the Leap from elementary
When families look into the IBMYP during their child’s elementary school years, they are hoping to find a program that is challenging yet designed to be developmentally appropriate for early adolescence. IBMYP at Robbinsdale Middle School strives to meet the unique needs of students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds while addressing traits common to all young people. IBMYP is research-based and uses practices and procedures that are developmentally sound for 11-16-year-old adolescents. There is an honors level at each grade; it requires an application and has standards for maintaining placement at this level. (See information regarding Honors IBMYP on other pages of this website.)

Ideally, MYP students will be: 
  • motivated learners
  • good communicators, both in written and spoken language
  • disciplined and organized thinkers
  • hard workers
  • respectful of others
  • willing to take risks in thinking
  • interested in multiple perspectives
  • responsible
We happily anticipate that students join the programme with varying degrees of each trait! From 6th grade on, skills and attitude development progress so that students exit the programme well equipped to handle the rigor of IB or any other academically challenging high school program. 
Grades 7 and 8
Students may also opt to join the Honors IBMYP in grades 7 or 8. In addition to the above, students will:
  • have distinguished themselves academically in grades 6 or 7
  • work hard to come “up to speed” with grade-level MYP peers in a second language

Most students joining Honors IBMYP in grade 8 will have missed a world language in grades 6 and 7. Unless the student has previous strong experience with either Spanish or French, he or she would be placed in a school wide MYP language class, Spanish I or French I, and consequently be a year or so behind other Honors MYP students as they enter high school. Summer opportunities, such as Concordia Languages Villages across the state of Minnesota, are excellent and fun options for students wishing to be more prepared for joining foreign language as a new student, or supplement language experiences while in the program.

More than Academics...

IBMYP students rise to expectations beyond academics:
  • Students entering the IBMYP sign an Honor Code that remains in place for the duration of their time in MYP.
  • Students are expected to follow discipline and behavior standards that contribute to a safe and productive learning environment for all, and daily attendance practices that help ensure a quality learning experience.