Silver Platter Day

This December tradition was established with our first graduating class of IB Diploma Candidates in 2001. It is the day on which the Extended Essays are finally ready to be submitted.

On a selected day early in the month, students don academic garb (choir robes borrowed from Music) when they arrive in their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class. Altogether, they read aloud the Honor Code statement on the front of their gold cover jacket, affix their signature that the work is all theirs, and then proceed as a group throughout the building, delivering their completed 4000-word Extended Essays (EEs) to their teacher mentors. The Extended Essays arrive on silver platters, accompanied by a cupcake that reads “Thank you”, to present to these academic advisors who have helped them on the 7-month journey of researching and writing the essay.

Once all essays have been delivered, students return to their Theory of Knowledge classroom for a cake-and-punch celebration, and to be congratulated by parents, district personnel, and the press. An unconfirmed rumor has it in the evening of the day of the ceremony, classmates gather at a bonfire to burn their essays, and put this stressful part of their climb to the IB Diploma behind them.