Advanced Placement at Robbinsdale Area Schools

The Advanced Placement (AP) program at Robbinsdale Area Schools is one of the largest AP programs in the state of Minnesota, where students at the secondary level can choose from more than 20 audited AP courses. The number of course offerings - and the number of students taking these courses - is constantly growing. 

Robbinsdale Area Schools was named a National AP Achievement District for increasing the number of exams taken and increasing the number of passing scores on those exams - no easy feat!  Robbinsdale Area Schools was one of only 388 districts nationwide to be named to this list. 

AP-prep at Armstrong High School (AHS)
There are several AP preparatory courses offered at AHS for ninth and tenth graders that prepare students for AP courses in tenth through twelfth grade at AHS and offer challenge and enthusiasm for learning. Any student entering ninth or tenth grade may apply to take AP prep courses at AHS.

AP at Armstrong High School (AHS)
As mentioned previously, AHS students in tenth through twelfth grade may choose from more than 20 audited AP courses. These are college-level courses taught in a high school setting through which students can potentially earn college credit and advanced placement. The courses culminate with AP exams at the end of every year. Students do not need to have taken Pre-AP courses at Plymouth or Armstrong in order to apply for enrollment in one of the over 20 AP courses. Students at Cooper High School cannot take AP courses, but they may (and do!)  independently study and register for AP exams in the spring if they wish to do so. Click on the links under "AP at Armstrong" on the side navigation menu to learn more about AP at AHS.